Debt prevention

According to the results of payment research in Europe, 45% of Lithuanian companies take no measures to protect themselves against overdue payments and debts. This indicator is significantly lower in the rest of Europe, i.e. 34%. 

The main reasons of non-repayment of debts:

  • Financial difficulties faced by clients,
  • Deliberate delay,
  • Incompetence of clients.  

For the above reasons, companies accumulate outstanding debts and incur significant losses. Even though outstanding debts can be recovered professionally, there are ways to ensure timely fulfilment of financial obligations. We recommend implementing effective debt prevention measures beforehand. Having smooth and effective debt prevention measures in place helps avoiding debt recovery and ensures faster and more cost-efficient settlement process.

Gelvora UAB offers a debt prevention package which includes the following services:

  • Access to the information system,
  • Solvency assessment of the client,
  • Monitoring,
  • Financial settlement control,
  • Preventive seal.
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