Debt recovery through courts

Sometimes pre-trial debt recovery fails. This can happen for various reasons, for example, evidence-based disputes between the parties (creditor and debtor), lack of evidence, lengthy delay in performance of obligations, failure to perform or improper performance of the creditor’s [U1] share of obligations. In such event, GELVORA UAB offers another form of debt recovery, i.e. debt recovery through courts. 

Our experts and professional lawyers offer qualified legal assistance: give advice in person, prepare court documents, represent in civil, criminal or labour cases, pre-trial investigation authorities, other public bodies, etc.

GELVORA UAB always seeks to minimise the costs of its customers and make sure that they retrieve all debt recovery-related costs. Judicial debt recovery proceedings are initiated only against solvent debtors and/or debtors who have tangible assets.

Consulting and representation services are offered throughout Lithuania.

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