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About us

GELVORA is one of the biggest companies in Lithuania dealing with debt administration and prevention. We belong to MARGINALEN, a Swedish credit management and collection company. At the end of 1999 the company was registered in Vilnius city municipality. Since then we have been developing activities successfully in Lithuania and Latvia, adjusting flexibly to changing demands of the market and clients‘ expectations. During the years we have accumulated a huge experience in the field of debt collection and risk management, so today we can reasonably introduce ourselves as the leaders of this market.
On 1st June 2000 GELVORA was registered in State Data Protection Inspectorate as data controller (registry no.: P-607)     

In December 2004 the company was provided the right to manage consolidated debtor files (Personal debt registers). In the same year GELVORA and other collection companies established Lithuanian Association of debt collection.    

On 20th March 2004 Gelvora became the member of League International for Creditors (LIC), and on 7th January 2009 we entered European collectors association (ECA). The member status of these authoritative international organizations enables the company to provide services all around the world.


GELVORA provides services involving all the process of credit administration of legal and natural persons:


•    credit reports about Lithuanian and foreign companies;
•    monitoring; 
•    online information about companies in Lithuania;
•    collection stamp;
•    financial settlement control;
•    debt collection;
•    writing off bad debts;
•    legal services;
•  interception of creditor claims.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Telephone no.: +370 5 2738781, +370 5 2199724 or e-mail:

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