Legal services

Gelvora UAB offers services related to preparation of legal documents, representation in courts and other institutions. We cooperate only with qualified and experienced legal professionals who ensure proper representation of the interests of their clients in all public and private bodies. Contact us and, having assessed your situation, we will make every effort to offer you the most efficient solution to your problem.


Based on the available experience, we offer the following services:

  • Drafting of agreements;
  • Agreement audit;
  • Preparation of requests for court orders;
  • Drawing up claims;
  • Drawing up statements of defence;
  • Representation in courts of all instances;
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Your interests will be represented by professionals in the field;
  • The services will be rendered in an expedient and high-quality manner.
Contact us
If you have any requests related to the protection of personal data or any other requests, inquiries, complaints or simply wish to express your opinion, feel free to contact us by clicking the button below and filling out the inquiry form.