Would you like to protect yourselves from overdue debts and secure long-term stability for your business? This will require management of settlement risks. With the corporate behaviour monitoring service, you will receive regular reports on the recent developments allowing you to effectively predict whether your partners will be able to make their payments on time.    
Monitoring covers the following changes in the activities of companies:

  • Debt recovery procedures by Gelvora UAB;
  • Involvement in litigation;
  • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Auction of company assets;
  • Recognising bad debts (writing off debts);
  • Changes in legal status (bankruptcy, restructuring);
  • Changes to company name;
  • Debts to SODRA;
  • Changes in the number of employees.


The monitoring system regularly checks financial performance indicators and automatically notifies the client about any changes by email.

  • Monitoring will facilitate the credit risk management process and help save your valuable time. 
  • You will no longer have to invest your time and look for information about the monitored economic entities; the system will generate and present the data. 
  • Timely information about negative changes in the financial situation of the monitored economic entity will enable you to predict potential settlement delays and effectively make the appropriate decisions.
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