Pre - Trial recovery

Pre-trial debt recovery is a complex process that requires specialist knowledge and skills. To achieve success in this field of activity, one needs to have an in-depth knowledge of its working principles and methods. Decision to entrust pre-trial debt recovery to qualified professionals will not only save your valuable time and energy, but also help to avoid additional losses.   

Payment for the service depends on the actually recovered amount or part thereof, so we are motivated to seek the best results over the shortest possible time.   

High level of qualifications and extensive professional experience of our employees make Gelvora UAB one of the leading companies in the Lithuanian debt recovery market. The company successfully operates throughout Lithuania. After joining the League International for Creditors (LIC) and European Collectors Association (ECA), Gelvora UAB expanded its area of operation and is now active in more than 50 countries.

Gelvora UAB will help you to recover your funds in a timely and professional manner. The current credit management practice shows that up to 85% of debts can be recovered out of court. Most of debts we recover by way of compromise, while credit repayment matters are handled by effective negotiations. Our professionalism and experience allow achieving top results. 


When recovering debts out of court, we:

  • Contact your debtors;
  • Determine reasons of their insolvency; 
  • If necessary, meet with the debtors;
  • Send letters of reminder to the debtors asking them to repay their debts;
  • Draw up payment schedules;
  • Make every effort to get the debtors to sign promissory notes;
  • Supervise fulfilment of debtor obligations until full settlement is achieved;
  • Present recommendations for further debt recovery process;
  • At your request, assess and determine the value of assets available to the debtors.  
  • Your debt will be taken care of by professionals;
  • You will be able to spend more time on your primary activities;
  • You will remain in good standing with your clients;
  • No fee will be charged, if no result is achieved.
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