Purchase of debts

Purchase of debts is a tool that enables your company not only to get rid of debt-related problems, but also to turn your debt or part thereof into working capital.   
Having assessed the situation of your debtors and individually agreed on the payment and other terms, we may purchase your debt and take over the risks related to the debtor’s solvency.

Gelvora UAB has an extensive experience in the acquisition of rights of claim. We have purchased debts of natural persons and legal entities worth more than EUR 260 million.

  • Signing the Data Protection and Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Receiving your debt portfolio for evaluation;
  • Extensive analysis of the composition of the portfolio followed by a price offer;
  • Agreeing on the Receivables Assignment Agreement;
  • The payment is transferred to your account within 10 days.
  • Receiving the payment immediately;
  • Avoiding lengthy recovery process;
  • No debtors on the company’s balance sheet;
  • Avoiding potential loss due to working capital deficit.
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