Solvency assessment

Are you looking for ways to reduce the likelihood of overdue debts and your business risks? Choose the solvency assessment service. Solvency assessment is carried out in the form of a report which analyses the potential and existing client’s financial and economic situation on the market. The report presents relevant information about legal entities. 

Gelvora UAB also carries out solvency assessment of foreign legal entities and natural persons.


The following corporate indicators are checked and analysed:

  • Status of the company;
  • Debts;
  • Number of employees and relevant trends;
  • Wages and salaries;
  • Age of the company;
  • Legal proceedings;
  • Assets, restrictions, encumbrances;
  • Articles, reviews.
  • Only the latest information is provided;
  • You will be able to make the right decisions on time;
  • Opportunity to avoid overdue debts in the future.
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